867 stairs down into history

Over Spring Break we took a trip to the Smoky Mountains.  In order to break up our 12 hour drive, we stayed a night in Fayetteville West Virginia and spent the next day exploring the area.  Fayetteville is a quirky little town that is home to the New River Gorge Bridge which is the longest arch bridge in the US and, at 876 feet above the New River, the 3rd tallest.

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how to break free from average (it might involve punching fear in the face)

What is that one thing that you’ve always wanted to do?  Always wanted to accomplish or be “when you grow up”?  We all have something.

There is some dream that you think of every once in a while.  You bring out the dream, maybe a long-lost childhood desire, and look at it.  You turn that dream over and over in your mind, studying all sides of it, and you smile so tempted to bring it out in the open.  But then you remember.  You remember that you are now an adult with commitments, a family, a mortgage, and a job.  So, once again, you shove that dream way back into the recesses of your mind, determined not to think about it again. Continue reading “how to break free from average (it might involve punching fear in the face)”