adventure in san antonio: there’s more than the alamo

This time last week I was in San Antonio.  I hear it’s a great vacation spot.  But I wasn’t there on vacation, I was there for 8 days of meetings with my company.  Eight long days of meetings and tests and certifications!  On Saturday, though, we were free to do what we wanted.  So my friend Amy came down from Austin and we were off to explore the city! Continue reading “adventure in san antonio: there’s more than the alamo”

why lyme disease really ruins everything

I glanced down at my arm and my stomach dropped.  There it was, attached tightly to my upper arm, a fully engorged deer tick.  Since it was 7am I knew it had been on me all night.  My husband pulled the tick off me (it came off way too easily) and “Lyme disease” flashed through my head.  But, we were in the early morning rush, so I put it out of my head and moved on.

Ticks are insidious around here.  Everywhere!  If you are outside in a field or wooded area for any amount of time, you will have ticks.  Since we are outside so much and do a lot of hiking, ticks are a common occurrence.   I daily pull ticks from my kids and cats.  It’s just something that we’ve learned to live with, another benefit of living in New Jersey (the highest property taxes in the country is the #1 benefit).

About a week later two red welts had formed on my arm at the tick bite site.  My husband said, “you know, that’s probably Lyme.  Do something about it.”  But, it was the end of the school year and we were getting ready to head to Cape May for a few days.  Life was busy, so I blew it off.  Continue reading “why lyme disease really ruins everything”

an elephant on the jersey shore


The Jersey Shore!  Home to sun, surf, sand, and elephants.


That’s what I thought when my sister asked me if we wanted to join them on a visit to Lucy the Elephant on our way down to Cape May.  “It’s only the oldest example of Zoomorphic Architecture out there”, my brother-in-law said. I can’t resist anything old and unique so of course I said yes! Continue reading “an elephant on the jersey shore”