the polar vortex vs spring

Hope was in the air this weekend!  You could feel it, hope that this winter might actually come to an end. 

Today I went for a run.  Sunny and 50 degrees felt amazing after so many weeks of freezing temperatures.  It has been a long time since I have run outside.  Cold, snow, and salted roads make it difficult.  But today I got outside.  No hat or gloves; nothing more than a pair of running pants and a shirt.

I ran on roads gray and slippery with salt.  The snow, despite 4 days above freezing, is still over a foot deep, but there was still a feel of spring.  A hope that, soon, things will change.  The sun shone brightly and as I ran I tipped my face towards it, loving the feel of warmth on my face.  Such a foreign feeling!  Birds flew overhead, a groundhog hopped about the snow, and I even saw a bug.  I ran so happy, feeling as though I had just been released from a prison.  Spring!  I remember you!

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what do totem poles and cat statues and dragons have to do with the amish?

“I am not a tourist”.  This is my main statement in the About section of this blog.  I prefer to dig deep and really get to know a location.  Look beyond the chain restaurants and gift shops that pop up in well traveled places.  Travel to any natural wonder in America and next to it you’ll find mini golf and go carts and ice cream stands.  It’s as if the beauty of the Grand Canyon is not enough.  We need man-made forced fun to truly be entertained.

Yet no place is more bizarre to me in its relationship with tourism than Lancaster, PA…Amish Country. 
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reasons why Frozen has become an obsession in our house (can you releate?)

Frozen.  No, I don’t mean the weather outside although it would be appropriate during this colder and snowier than normal winter.  I’m referring to the Disney movie.  If you have kids of any age, I’m sure you’ve seen it.  The movie is good, really good.  More like a musical complete with Broadway stars playing the main roles.  The music is amazing.  I’m sure it will be on Broadway within a couple of years.    In case you haven’t seen it, below is a scene from the movie.

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