visiting super bowl boulevard


Earlier this week my friend and I went to check out Super Bowl Boulevard in NYC.  We figured it was a once in a lifetime experience.


The day started at -1 F; just another typical day this winter.  Its been a long winter!  Bundled up, I met up with my friend and into NYC we went.


It was a balmy 10 degrees by the time we arrived. We parked a ways off to avoid dealing with traffic and quickly walked towards Times Square.  Soon  we were there along with hundreds of other people on Super Bowl Blvd.


We got our passes and made our way to get in the line to view the Lombardi Trophy.


The look and feel of the line was that of an adult Disneyland.  The line was long and wove back and forth as it made its way towards the building that held the trophy, but no one seemed to care.  Everyone was excited to be there.  It was a very happy vibe!  (Except for the grumpy New Yorkers walking by complaining of all the extra people and traffic).


My favorite part of the day was talking to the people around us.  There were people from all over the country.  Yes there are always tourists from around the world in New York, but this was different.  Everyone here had gathered for the same purpose and were excited to do so.  It was fun to hear how different people had got to NYC and what they planned to do while here.


Just when we thought we had developed permanent frost bite from standing in line so long, we made it to the inside of the building.  The doors opened and a blast of heat greeted us as we were ushered inside.  Attendants yelled at us to move in closer as we slowly shed layers.  We wove around the line some more and finally we were there, the Vince Lombardi trophy.


After a quick picture we were pushed out the door back outside into the tundra.  We walked around checking out the other displays and events in the area.  Games, giant signs, billboards, autograph signings, and various displays.  We again felt like kids as we joined a group of people crowded around a woman handing out tiny bags of M&Ms.  It was adult trick or treat!


We checked out the toboggan run but did not do it because sitting on ice with snow blowing in your face just did not sound appealing when its 10 degrees out (OK, so neither of us had $5 to pay for the ride either- sad!).


We didn’t make It down the entire boulevard due to time, but still did get to see a lot.  All in all it was a fun day!  It’s neat to see lots of happy and excited adults in the middle of a work week!  But it was time to head back towards home.  Back into New Jersey where, although no one seems to notice, the actual Super Bowl will be played!



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