the indian cave

In the early 1900’s archaeologists surveyed a small cave known as the Fairy Hole.  In it they found pottery pieces, flint, and arrow heads; evidence that the cave was once used by the Lenape Indians.  The Lenape were the native people who lived in Northwest New Jersey.  The cave is thought to have been used as a resting spot for the Lenape as they traveled or hunted.  It is also in close proximity to several burial sites, so it could also have been a religiously important site. Continue reading “the indian cave”

back to reality or (I hope) how to avoid it

Well, it’s Monday and it’s truly back to reality.  The holidays and vacation are over.  This year they seemed to stretch out forever thanks to a longer than usual break from school, vacation days, and a snowstorm. Winter Storm Hercules.  That was the name given to Friday’s storm.  It left our world covered in a blanket of white and, by Saturday, the sun was glistening off the snow like a thousand diamonds.    The sky was a crystal clear blue; the kind of clear that you can only get on cold winter days and the picture it created was a whitewashed world where anything is possible.  I was ready to move into 2014 holding onto that viewpoint.  Yes 2014 will contain many highs and lows, things that I cannot even imagine right now, but the blank clean slate before me held the magic of possibility.


But today rain has washed away the snow and the promise of the coldest temperatures in decades has everyone talking.  Continue reading “back to reality or (I hope) how to avoid it”