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7feetnorth.  Adventure and travel to discover the unknown and uncommon…with kids

My name is Heather and I am not a tourist.  To me the word “tourist” brings to mind the family who, while on vacation, drive the car to the designated photo opportunity, pile out and take a quick picture, then get back in and move on to the gift shop before eating at the local chain restaurant.  They can check off the box that they have been to this location, but what have they really seen?  Too many people go through life without really living it. These people ‘live in a gray twilight” (Theodore Roosevelt) where comfort and ease are their gods.

I love to dig deep, to really know the place I am exploring.  I love to get out there and find out all I can about the location.  To find the uncommon.  To learn the history and about the people who have been there before me.  Going somewhere new excites me.  It can be anywhere; it’s just exciting because I have never seen it before!

But…  I have 4 children!  Four young children!  The words “he’s looking at me” have been cried in our house more than once.  “If I have to pull this car over…” may or may not have come out of my mouth.  Minecraft is often preferred to a hike.  So how do I teach my four perfectly normal kids the love of exploration and adventure that my husband and I have?  Do we change our hobbies just because we have children or teach them our passions?

This is what I hope to explore in this blog.  How do I continue to explore, find adventure, travel, and live day to day life with kids!

16 thoughts on “About us

  1. That’s a really cool idea because often (as in my case) we give up what we used to love in exchange for the wants and warrants of children. Curious, where in Pa did u just travel?? and thanks for the blog like!!

    1. We live really close to PA so we go there quite often. We’ve been in the Poconos area a few times this summer and in the spring we went to north central PA aka “the PA Wilds”. It was a really interesting area!

  2. Hey, thanks so much for popping by our blog! Seems like we can pick up some great tips from your blog and experiences traveling with kids. Keep exploring and digging deeper!! 😉

  3. Well…you know, let them find themselves, but make sure they always know that anything is possible, limitless, the only limiting thing will be oneself, and that they belief in that. Give your child that, and you have given them the “golden key” to find their way in life…

    Love your outlook, and geez, I’m with you on the tourist thingy…

    And at the risk of promoting myself…I wrote about something along these lines. You might like to take a look, as you might find it aligns with how you are thinking!


    On travelling with kids, our little nipper has been “Out and About” with us from day one. In the early days when we put him in “The Landy” he had no idea if he was going around the block, or around Australia, and didn’t seem to bother either way…

    Good luck out there with the kids!

    1. Well said in your post! Pursuing our dreams and favorite activities allows our children to realize that they can do the same. Including them, as you often do it seems, is even better. It allows for great quality time and the chance for our kids to see that they can do so much more than they knew was possible!

  4. What a fantastic premise for a blog. My husband and I work hard to foster an appreciation for travel and adventure with our own kids. One minute they’re talking about how they want to move to Guam because they loved the culture, lifestyle, and coral reefs, and the next moment, they just want to play Wii. It’s an ongoing process, and I’ll definitely check back to hear about your daily adventures in travel and parenting.

  5. Glad to drop in and find such a rich blog. In Common: Baz and Triathlon Obsession, 2 other uncommon bloggers and persons. Cheers!

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