bermuda’s beaches

A couple weeks ago my husband and I went to Bermuda for five days.  We went alone without any children, our first vacation like that in seven years!  We had a great time!  I have never really thought about  going to Bermuda on a vacation (this was a trip that I won with work) but was so glad that we did.  The weather was perfect, sunny and in the 80’s, the island is beautiful, our flight was only 1 hour 45minutes, and you can’t beat the beaches!

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conch shells and taxi drivers

I learned a lot on my recent trip to the Bahamas.  Put a bunch of people together 24/7 at an all-inclusive resort and you learn things!  You learn things such as the importance of adding a little water to eggs when making an omelet (tried it, works great!) and a super easy recipe for strawberry jam (trying that one later today!).  You learn how to make new drinks (hmm, it’s all food related!), ten ways to tie one of those sarongs that they sell on the beach (something I’ll use just all the time in NJ!), and how to tell who is on their honeymoon in the Bahamas (french manicure!).  You also learn things about others that you wish you did not learn!   But, I quickly found out that if you really want to know about the Bahamas you don’t consult a guide book, a website, or even ask the concierge, you ask a taxi driver! Continue reading “conch shells and taxi drivers”

kickin it old school in the bahamas


Can you imagine life without your smart phone?  How about without email or even just a cell phone?  Worse yet, can you imagine going five whole days without checking your WordPress blog stats?!!  Neither could I until I went to the Bahamas on my business/vacation trip.

If you read my previous blog, you know that I went to Nassau in the Bahamas for a business trip with my company.  We were warned that cell service was going to be expensive and spotty at best, but when I whipped out my phone after we landed on Nassau to text that I had  arrived safely, I could not get my phone to work.  Neither could anyone else that I was with.  So, we figured that we would just wait until we arrived at the hotel to use their wireless.  Once there, though, the phones were still a no go!  After a while of playing around with our phones, the realization set in that we would be cell phone free for the next five days!  Now what?

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bahamas bound

Tomorrow I’m off to the Nassau in the Bahamas for a business meeting.  Yes, it really is for work and yes we really will have meetings, but we will also have free time!  Time to do whatever we want!  Very exciting!  For the first time in 11+ years I will be able to lay on the beach and just read a book and nap at will!  My kid-less friends do not understand the great appeal, but if you have kids then I’m sure you understand how exciting this is!  Yet, because of who I am, I am pretty sure I will be bored with the beach after a few hours.  I crave activity!  We are staying at a resort that offers all types of activities that are included.  I am most excited about snorkeling, the trapeze, and the opportunity to try wind surfing.  Luckily, I have a number of friends who agree with me and do not want to spend all day on the beach.  We’re ready for the resort activities!

ready for the beach

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