bermuda’s beaches

A couple weeks ago my husband and I went to Bermuda for five days.  We went alone without any children, our first vacation like that in seven years!  We had a great time!  I have never really thought about  going to Bermuda on a vacation (this was a trip that I won with work) but was so glad that we did.  The weather was perfect, sunny and in the 80’s, the island is beautiful, our flight was only 1 hour 45minutes, and you can’t beat the beaches!

bermuda, beach, adventure

Our hotel had, the Southampton Princess, had its own beach which was very nice.  We would take a trolley down to the beach where chairs, towels, food, and drink awaited us on the beach.  It was very easy to become lazy and stay on that beach all day!  But we knew we needed to see more of the island; see more beaches.  So we got up and spent a day walking from one secluded beach to another, taking our time and stopping to swim or take photographs.

bermuda, beach, adventure

The day was sunny and warm and we passed a few people as we walked, but most of the beaches had very few people on them.  The exception was Horseshoe Bay, the most popular beach on the island!  It was crowded and reminded me of the Jersey shore on a hot August Saturday, people and umbrellas and blankets everywhere!  We did not stop here, just walked on in search of a more secluded beach!

bermuda, beach, adventure
Horseshoe Bay



bermuda, beach, adventure
looks like the Jersey shore!

We walked on sandy paths cut through the thick brush near the water’s edge to reach one beach after another.  Sometimes we came out on top of a cliff overlooking the turquoise water and other times we ended up right at the water’s edge.

bermuda, beach, adventure
path to a beach


bermuda, beach, adventure

The sand grew pinker and pinker the further we walked.  It’s the colors that make Bermuda so unique; the pink sand, turquoise water, pastel houses with bright white roofs, lush green vegetation, and a deep blue sky.

bermuda, beach, adventure

bermuda, beach, adventure

My favorite spot was Jobson’s Cove.  It was a small cove surrounded by steep lava rock cliffs.  The water entered the cove through a small opening between a few rocks creating a rolling wave pool.  I had a great time floating and being gently rocked up and down by the waves!

There were so many more beaches to explore on Bermuda, but we were very happy with the ones we found and that we had the opportunity to spend a day together exploring them!

bermuda, beach, adventure
Jobson’s cove



2 thoughts on “bermuda’s beaches

  1. I do go to touristy, crowded places. But when it comes to nature, and like this post, especially beaches, I don’t usually go to the crowded ones. I prefer serenity when there’s water and beautiful rock formations.
    Way to separate and explore! True traveler’s attitude. And see, what a great find. Such crazy thought to see emptiness to such amazing location like the Jobson’s Cove when the all the rests are crumpled in one general area.

    1. I completely agree Rommel! I don’t understand either why all of those people would crowd on top of each other like that! It’s like the people who never leave their car when they visit a national park. They just pull over, snap a picture, and drive away thinking they have seen the area! Always amazes me!!

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