addicted to triathlon

I think I am addicted to triathlon!  I just completed two triathlons over the past two weekends and I’m ready for more!  And I want to recruit any and everyone to do them with me.  You too!

Last weekend we had to bring my son up to camp in the Adirondacks and, while I was looking for a place to stay, I stumbled across the Piseco Lake Triathlon.   It was nearby and I thought, why not, and signed up 4 days before the race.  I’m so glad I did because it was a fun laid back race!   The morning was gorgeous, cool and sunny with fog in the valleys.  We all started together in the lake; there were no heats.  It was a quick start, a couple of announcements and suddenly it was time to swim.   Continue reading “addicted to triathlon”

all the way! (with cranky kids)

What!  We have not hiked the Adirondacks most popular hike!  How can that be?

We were taking my oldest son to summer camp in the Adirondacks and decided to stay for a long weekend after we dropped him off.  If you have read other posts of mine such as conquering the mountain, you know that the Adirondacks are my favorite place visit.  It’s beautiful, rugged, rural, and there is so much to do!  I began to plan what we would do this time and I came across Blue Mountain in the town of Blue Mountain Lake.  We have been to the town a number of times but have never hiked the 2 mile trail to the top of the mountain which many websites stated was the most popular hike in the Adirondacks.  Guess it was about time that we hike it! Continue reading “all the way! (with cranky kids)”

someday (soon)…

My baby sister got married this past weekend.  It was such a fun weekend and the wedding was perfect!  She’s 13 years younger than me and it’s hard to believe that she is now married.  Makes me feel old.  It also encouraged me to finally complete this list, a bucket list, of things that I would love to do, see, and accomplish in my life.  Time goes by so quick!  Not that writing down a list necessary makes them any more likely to happen, but it is fun to dream and start the “how’s” of accomplishing some of these.  We have also started a “Family Bucket List” which we, as a family, are writing down things that we want to do together (I’ll share it sometime as well).

I encourage you to do the same, either a personal list or as a family, because it is so much fun!  Here’s my list… Continue reading “someday (soon)…”

lessons learned on the delaware

There’s no better place to be on a hot July day then on the water.  It’s been a hot summer so far and we have spent many days in swimming pools and lakes, swimming the day away.  My (spoiled) kids were beginning to become bored with swimming, so we decided to try something different- a trip down the Delaware River.  We decided to go on a 6 mile float down the Delaware with some friends.   The trip taught us some valuable lessons that I figured I would share. Continue reading “lessons learned on the delaware”

published again!

Very cool!  I have had another one of my blog posts, Thousand Steps,  published on Bucket List Publications!  It’s a publication that writes articles about and helps people achieve the items on their bucket lists.  It’s a great site that lets you dream and motivates you to reach the items on your own personal bucket list.  You can read my post as well as many other interesting articles here.

unlikely training partners

I realized the other day that I am just a few weeks away from my first triathlon of the year; time to really ramp up the training!  It’s been such a busy year that I am feeling extremely unprepared right now and, despite my dreams to become a professional triathlete (I talked about it here), USAT has not come calling, so no professional trainer, no nutritionist, no masseuse, no sponsorship, no cleaning service, no full time cook, no nanny…(sorry, got carried away in my daydream!).  Anyway, it’s all up to me to squeeze in training and workouts; something which is difficult with kids and a job.  You need to be creative. Continue reading “unlikely training partners”