pheasant drive bys and aggressive hiking for the non-rich

Are there any places in your town that you pass by on a regular basis that you would love to see more of but it is private or inaccessible?  The type of place that promises beauty and fun on the inside but you are stuck on the outside because you are not one of the privileged!  You are not a member.

There’s a place like that near me, it’s called Hudson Farm.  I drive by this private hunt club every once in a while and I can tell by the property that I can see from the road that it is a beautiful spot!  But it is private.  You have to be a member to use the property and in order to become a member you have to pay and in order to pay the membership fee you have to be filthy rich.  In fact I’m pretty sure that’s a question on the application, “Are you filthy rich?  Please circle yes or no.”  So, I look at it from the outside and wonder about the inside.  As my friend who lives down the road from the club put it, the only hunting she can ever expect to do there is hit an escapee pheasant with her car!

Then, last week, my friend called me up and said that the farm was actually going to be open to the public on Saturday!  Continue reading “pheasant drive bys and aggressive hiking for the non-rich”

our greatest fear

I live in Northern New Jersey.  If these words bring to mind crowded cities, pavement, and pollution, then you do not know northern NJ.  Where I live instead is rolling hills, dairy farms, lake communities, and lots and lots of wildlife.  More wildlife than you can imagine!  We have so many deer that they are only considered a nuisance because they eat all of your plants.  Everyone is searching for that “deer proof” plant for the backyard, but it really doesn’t exist.  We also routinely see (along with your typical groundhog/skunk/raccoon/rodents) turkey, owl, fox, mountain lion, and black bear.  Now, people do still comment when they see a black bear, but they are very common and another nuisance because of how often they get into your garbage.  With all of this wildlife, there is bound to be one that everyone fears, and there is, but is not what you think! Continue reading “our greatest fear”

find your adventure, a how to guide (part 2)

I am sure you were waiting with bated breath for the follow-up to “find your adventure, part 1”.  I had a very busy week, especially with work, but it’s finally here!  Now that it is Friday and the whole weekend is stretching out beautifully ahead of me, I want to put some of these recommendations to use and create an adventure for my own family!  I really hope they are helpful for you too.  If you have any other ideas, let us know! Continue reading “find your adventure, a how to guide (part 2)”

find your adventure, a how to guide (part 1)

If you look at your calendar, I bet there is a day or two, maybe even a week, coming up that you have planned for a while.  It’s there, always in the back of your mind, waiting.  It’s a free day or vacation!

We are all so busy.  Our lives are nonstop with work, school, activities, errands, cleaning, returning emails, etc, etc. It is sad that we need to actually schedule a day when we are free to do what we want, but it’s a reality in today’s world.  So, when we have that elusive vacation day, we don’t want to waste it.  It takes a lot of planning, even to do nothing!  Maybe you want a day at home on the couch with a cup of coffee catching up on your reading.  But to do even that, you must first make sure that all household chores are done so you won’t feel guilty about not doing laundry and all phone calls have been returned so no one will disturb you. And that’s nothing compared to when you are actually attempting to plan a vacation away somewhere!

I have a few tips that you can use when planning your next adventure, whatever it may be.  Continue reading “find your adventure, a how to guide (part 1)”