find your adventure, a how to guide (part 2)

I am sure you were waiting with bated breath for the follow-up to “find your adventure, part 1”.  I had a very busy week, especially with work, but it’s finally here!  Now that it is Friday and the whole weekend is stretching out beautifully ahead of me, I want to put some of these recommendations to use and create an adventure for my own family!  I really hope they are helpful for you too.  If you have any other ideas, let us know!

I have a few tips that you can use when planning your next adventure, whatever it may be.  These are just tools that I use when deciding what we are going to do on a day off or on vacation.  They have worked well for us.  It does require a bit of research and time in front of the computer, but it will be worth it in the end when you are out there spending that day exactly how you hoped to spend it with no other thought than what you are doing right then!  You can read the tips from part 1 here.

How To Plan your Adventure Part 2:

4.  Check out the tourism websites for the places and locations that you are interested in traveling.  Yes, I know tourism websites are often just ads for local businesses, but you can find a lot of great places to go by using them.  The websites will often list activity ideas based on what you enjoy;  hiking, photography, shopping, etc.  I will look at these suggestions and, if something interests me, I will then search that specific place to see if I can find out more about it.  These websites also often offer trip planning suggestions which can help lead you to unique areas.

5.  Utilize regional and travel magazines.  There are three magazines that I actually still receive in mail and look forward to reading; “Outside”, “Adirondack Life”, and “Weird NJ”.  I have found numerous places and events for us to go explore through these magazines, especially out of the way uncommon places.  By looking through magazines, paper or online, of your favorite places or hobbies, you are sure to find a fun activity that you had not thought of in the past.

6.  Search top ten lists.  Get very specific and chances someone has created a list.  If you enjoy going to coffee shops, search for “top coffee shops in Nevada” and you will have your list.   Sure, it’s just someone’s opinion but  this, again, is a great way to find places and things that you have never heard of before.

7. Read other blogs.  This is my new favorite way to find things to do!  I love when I am searching a location and someone’s blog comes up.  It is fun to read about their adventures, especially when the writer’s life is similar to my own.  It is such a great way to know what to expect and how someone else handled trip, etc.  You can also get tips and hints on how to handle the difficult situations that may pop up, as well as what to skip and what not to miss.  Sometimes the comments are even more helpful.  These comments can lead to lots of different ideas and suggestions from a wide variety of people, all who have done the same thing or been to the same place.


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