morning run

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It’s early morning and since we are on vacation everyone else is still asleep.  I quietly get up and throw on a pair of shorts,  a top, and tennis shoes (I grew up in the Mid West, we don’t wear sneakers there!) and slip out the door.  I head down into the hotel lobby and smile good morning at a few sleepy looking people clutching their coffee cups and head outside.  The morning is already warm and the sun, having just risen above the horizon, is doing it’s best to pierce through the fog still clinging to the valleys.  The road, which later will be packed bumper to bumper with tourists exploring the area, is relatively quiet now.  I put on my headphones, start my watch, and head out onto the road and start to run. Continue reading “morning run”


The road we were on twisted and turned passing a few small houses, lakes, and wetlands.  It would soon come to a dead end, but our destination was before that.  We had never been on this road even though it wasn’t too far from home.  Off of this road was a lake; the location of a now deserted camp.  We wanted to see what still remained. Continue reading “abandoned”

everybody loves a state fair

state fair

It’s that time of year again.  Time for the State Fair.  Every year the first week of August, the fair comes to town.  Every year we go to the fair.  Every year it’s exactly the same.  But you know what, every year we have a great time!  There’s something about the familiarity that is appealing.  Your life may have changed this year,things may be different, but as soon as you step onto the fairgrounds you are surrounded by the sights, sounds, and smells that you remember from last year. Continue reading “everybody loves a state fair”

deep into the cave

The heat and humidity of the July afternoon had been left behind and the temperature continued to drop as we crawled onward, deeper and deeper into the ever narrowing crevice.  The rock surrounding us was now smooth and damp with a slightly yellowish sheen.  This dampness had meant the end of the huge black spiders each guarding an even bigger egg sack that we had seen at the entrance.  We  looked forward allowing our headlamps to pierce the darkness in front of us and wondered just where this tunnel in the cave would lead.

I often wonder how people have found many of the places that we go to.  We often find ourselves in the middle of nowhere either bush whacking or following a faint herdpath to our destination.  Was the location passed down through the generations by locals or was it simply stumbled upon by someone?  Then, what caused someone finally to give up the location? Continue reading “deep into the cave”