pheasant drive bys and aggressive hiking for the non-rich

Are there any places in your town that you pass by on a regular basis that you would love to see more of but it is private or inaccessible?  The type of place that promises beauty and fun on the inside but you are stuck on the outside because you are not one of the privileged!  You are not a member.

There’s a place like that near me, it’s called Hudson Farm.  I drive by this private hunt club every once in a while and I can tell by the property that I can see from the road that it is a beautiful spot!  But it is private.  You have to be a member to use the property and in order to become a member you have to pay and in order to pay the membership fee you have to be filthy rich.  In fact I’m pretty sure that’s a question on the application, “Are you filthy rich?  Please circle yes or no.”  So, I look at it from the outside and wonder about the inside.  As my friend who lives down the road from the club put it, the only hunting she can ever expect to do there is hit an escapee pheasant with her car!

Then, last week, my friend called me up and said that the farm was actually going to be open to the public on Saturday!  Continue reading “pheasant drive bys and aggressive hiking for the non-rich”