our greatest fear

I live in Northern New Jersey.  If these words bring to mind crowded cities, pavement, and pollution, then you do not know northern NJ.  Where I live instead is rolling hills, dairy farms, lake communities, and lots and lots of wildlife.  More wildlife than you can imagine!  We have so many deer that they are only considered a nuisance because they eat all of your plants.  Everyone is searching for that “deer proof” plant for the backyard, but it really doesn’t exist.  We also routinely see (along with your typical groundhog/skunk/raccoon/rodents) turkey, owl, fox, mountain lion, and black bear.  Now, people do still comment when they see a black bear, but they are very common and another nuisance because of how often they get into your garbage.  With all of this wildlife, there is bound to be one that everyone fears, and there is, but is not what you think! Continue reading “our greatest fear”