the polar vortex vs spring

Hope was in the air this weekend!  You could feel it, hope that this winter might actually come to an end. 

Today I went for a run.  Sunny and 50 degrees felt amazing after so many weeks of freezing temperatures.  It has been a long time since I have run outside.  Cold, snow, and salted roads make it difficult.  But today I got outside.  No hat or gloves; nothing more than a pair of running pants and a shirt.

I ran on roads gray and slippery with salt.  The snow, despite 4 days above freezing, is still over a foot deep, but there was still a feel of spring.  A hope that, soon, things will change.  The sun shone brightly and as I ran I tipped my face towards it, loving the feel of warmth on my face.  Such a foreign feeling!  Birds flew overhead, a groundhog hopped about the snow, and I even saw a bug.  I ran so happy, feeling as though I had just been released from a prison.  Spring!  I remember you!

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snow day

Can you still remember that feeling?  It was the main topic of conversation at school all day.  You actually watched the evening news so you could see the weather report.  Homework was more difficult than usual to focus on because you were sure that it wasn’t going to matter because, rumor had it, that the next day would be a snow day! Continue reading “snow day”

ski. new jersey?

Going skiing seemed like a great idea at the time.  There were two snowfalls within a week and all of the local resorts were finally open.  It sounded great on December 30th anyway when we made plans with friends to go skiing on New Year’s Day.  It was another story on January 1st.

After not getting to bed until 2am on New Year’s Eve, morning came all too quickly.  We groaned as the winter sun began to filter into our bedroom and wondered if skiing really was such a good idea.  But, we were meeting friends, so we were committed.

We headed 15 minutes down the road to Mountain Creek in Vernon, NJ.  Yes, I said  New Jersey.  Please don’t laugh.  There really are mountains in New Jersey…kind of.

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real or fake? a Christmas controversy

It’s one of the biggest controversies of the Christmas season.  Real tree vs artificial tree.  Everyone has an opinion.  And then there are sub-controversies.  If you go real, do you cut it down at a tree farm of pick up a pre-cut tree from a road side stand?  If you go artificial then do you get the tree pre-lit or add the lights yourself?  It’s a lot of decisions to make at such a busy time of year! Continue reading “real or fake? a Christmas controversy”