snow day

Can you still remember that feeling?  It was the main topic of conversation at school all day.  You actually watched the evening news so you could see the weather report.  Homework was more difficult than usual to focus on because you were sure that it wasn’t going to matter because, rumor had it, that the next day would be a snow day!

I can remember waking up in the morning and a quick glance at the clock told me it was later than usual to wake up on a school day.  But I would hold off getting too excited because it could just be a delayed opening.  I would find my mom, who had taken the early morning phone call, and she would smile and say “snow day!”


The knowledge that an entire day of snowy freedom was in front of me made me jump up and down with excitement!


As adults we lose that feeling of excitement in anticipation of a snow day.  Instead we often dread snow.  To adults snow represents shoveling and slippery roads and cold.  It can mean a commute from hell or a long day home with bored kids.

Today was a surprise snow day for us.  A one or two inch snowfall prediction turned into five overnight.  I, now the mom, woke up early to check school closings online then sneaked around quietly in the dark so kids could sleep in.  Hours later, sleepy kids found me and I smiled and told them “snow day!”


Now  I sit inside listening to squeals and laughter coming from our front yard.  We have survived the “find the snow clothes” game and the kids are all out sledding down our hill.  They have created a ramp that lets them jump over a brother, sister, or cousin and then go flying into the road.  I’m pretty sure this one’s going to end in tears!


As I look out at the steel grey sky still spitting frozen precipitation onto a bright white world, I am taken back to my snow days as a child.  How, overnight, familiar landscape became unrecognizable and full of possibilities.  I remember long days building snow forts, sledding, and burying each other in the snow.  I remember coming inside chilled to the bone, shaking out snow from under my clothes, but oh so happy!  I remember those huge steaming mugs of hot chocolate and marshmallows that would warm me back up.  Such good memories!


How could I not want that for my kids?  No matter what grown-up problems snow brings, and there are many, I am so happy my kids too get to experience snow days.  To create winter wonderland memories that will last a lifetime.

5 thoughts on “snow day

  1. I still remember coming home from work on a cold wintry day in WI only to find a pair of shoes sticking-out of a large mound of snow! It was not only 10 below but the wind was blowing the snow to nearly a complete white-out! After several desperate calls with no response, I grabbed the lifeless shoes and yanked with all my might! Out came my daughter, shovel in-hand digging to “who knows where”! Soon after, another pair of shoes followed attached to her best friend Brad. After determining that they were not in trouble, they disappeared once again back into their newest adventure and I, like most “boring, uptight” fathers, into the warmth of my house! When did childhood end and adulthood begin?

  2. Snow days were the best when I was a kid and as an adult I hated them, because of the extra work involved. I am learning to love them again, for the sake of me as well as my kids. I have started using it as another “excuse” for family time and they don’t even realize it as they have fun with the ‘rents.

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