the polar vortex vs spring

Hope was in the air this weekend!  You could feel it, hope that this winter might actually come to an end. 

Today I went for a run.  Sunny and 50 degrees felt amazing after so many weeks of freezing temperatures.  It has been a long time since I have run outside.  Cold, snow, and salted roads make it difficult.  But today I got outside.  No hat or gloves; nothing more than a pair of running pants and a shirt.

I ran on roads gray and slippery with salt.  The snow, despite 4 days above freezing, is still over a foot deep, but there was still a feel of spring.  A hope that, soon, things will change.  The sun shone brightly and as I ran I tipped my face towards it, loving the feel of warmth on my face.  Such a foreign feeling!  Birds flew overhead, a groundhog hopped about the snow, and I even saw a bug.  I ran so happy, feeling as though I had just been released from a prison.  Spring!  I remember you!

But, it’s come to an end.  Our short taste of warmth and spring and hope.  Tomorrow the polar vortex returns.  Back to cold and ice and snow.  I heard a weatherman say that the weather community has used the term “polar vortex” for years, but it has just become popular to the layperson this year.  I guess “polar vortex”  helps ratings just  like the naming of winter storms does, but it has been a great way to describe this winter.

If you are not sure what to talk about while making small talk with a stranger, talk about the weather.  It’s a safe and common subject.  This winter, though, the weather is the subject of choice for all.  Good friends, family, people with whom you can talk about a million things; still the weather has dominated conversations.  It’s been all-consuming!

The polar vortex has allowed us to see just how creative people can be.  It may just be all of those hours stuck inside with nothing else to do.  Schools have been closed and delayed constantly this winter.  So, the phone call to let the kids know that school is called off must be getting old to the principals recording them.  We are now seeing creative schools-closed messages.  Here’s my favorite.  If you haven’t seen it check it out.

I think the weather and traffic reporters are getting bored too.  I mean, usually storms are their favorite thing because it’s something exciting to report, but this year enough is enough.  Here is my favorite video of a traffic reporter describing the wintry conditions.  He uses, what else, but a Frozen song parody (what an appropriate year for that movie to come out).  “Just Don’t Go”!

Maybe you live in a place that has been warm and sunny this winter.  I’m jealous!  I see those pictures on Facebook.  You’re walking around without a coat, smiling and laughing.  I’ve even seen a few “It’s hot today” comments.  Sure, rub it in!  We have more snow coming tonight…then Tuesday and Wednesday…then next weekend…then…

I guess the polar vortex has won.

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