ski. new jersey?

Going skiing seemed like a great idea at the time.  There were two snowfalls within a week and all of the local resorts were finally open.  It sounded great on December 30th anyway when we made plans with friends to go skiing on New Year’s Day.  It was another story on January 1st.

After not getting to bed until 2am on New Year’s Eve, morning came all too quickly.  We groaned as the winter sun began to filter into our bedroom and wondered if skiing really was such a good idea.  But, we were meeting friends, so we were committed.

We headed 15 minutes down the road to Mountain Creek in Vernon, NJ.  Yes, I said  New Jersey.  Please don’t laugh.  There really are mountains in New Jersey…kind of.

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surviving the ski trip

It is February 4th and I have yet to go snowboarding this season!  How did that happen?  This is the longest I can remember going without boarding since we started years ago.  The reason, of course, is that we have not had winter this year.  It was 60 degrees earlier this week!  But, really, that should not matter because there is snow of some form at the ski resort near us. I need to be honest and admit the real reason, kids!

Jeff and I pride ourselves in the fact that we intentionally did not slow down or change our active outdoor lifestyle when we had kids.  We just slid the kids into our adventures.  But there’s something about skiing with four kids that makes me exhausted to even think about it.  Continue reading “surviving the ski trip”