thousand steps

It was late in the day, just a few hours before sunset, but we wanted one last adventure.  Early April is fickle and this day was no exception.  The day had dawned warm and bright, warm enough to wear shorts, but clouds had moved in, filtering the sun along with a stiff wind.  We drove on, passing small town after small town, joking “don’t blink…”, seemingly always following one train track or another.  Soon we reached our destination, Jacks Narrows. The Juniata River cuts the mountain, Jacks Mountain,  in two creating a rugged and wild looking area.  The highway and numerous train tracks join the river, all three rushing through the narrows. But we stopped and, looking up at the two mountains that rose almost 2000 feet above us on either side, we could feel the timelessness of the location.  We knew that we were about to embark on a unique hike! Continue reading “thousand steps”