what was I thinking

Late Monday afternoon found me sitting in my car outside a drugstore with scissors, hole punch, a tape runner, and a bunch of Tootsie Pops.  Ever try cutting and taping tiny bits of paper while in the drivers seat of a car?   The steering wheel does make a pretty good desk top.  I finally had to stop what I was doing and just laugh, what was I thinking! Continue reading “what was I thinking”

finding the line

This past summer we bought our kids a slackline.  If you are not familiar with it think tight rope only a little wider and with slack or bounce.  We strung the  line between two trees 25 feet apart about 2 feet off the ground and we all attempted to walk across it.  It’s really difficult!  As soon as you put a foot on the slackline, the whole thing starts shaking and bouncing up and down.  For us, making it half way across was a huge accomplishment.  It takes a lot of concentration and core strength.

falling off the slackline

Last year my  two older children also took climbing lessons at a local indoor rock gym.  There they learned proper climbing techniques and were able to practice on increasingly difficult climbing routes.  They absolutely loved it and really want to take lessons on real rock faces.

I am really proud of these accomplishments.  I tend to push my kids to move beyond their comfort zone physically in order to allow them to see how much they really can do.  It’s amazing what they can do and the sense of accomplishment is great to see.  They will climb anything- trees, boulders, cliffs, ladders, all without fear. I might be crazy, but while I would never ever want any serious injuries to happen to my kids, I feel a few bumps and bruises are a good thing because they help alleviate fear and produce stronger, more secure kids.  But my question is Continue reading “finding the line”