why I love kindergarten soccer: a list

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It’s fall, time for kids soccer.  Time for the intense competition.  Time for the intricate footwork.  Time for teamwork and one goal after another.   Okay, who am I kidding, this is kindergarten soccer after all.  The one thing I am guaranteed is entertainment!  It’s an age where kids have absolutely no idea what there are doing, but have fun doing it!  They don’t care and that is what makes kindergarten soccer so great and so much fun to watch.  The following is a list of what happened during one of my son’s soccer games.  Seriously, it all happened during one game.


Our team shoots into the other team’s goal

The other team shoots into our goal

Stealing the ball from team members

More tears

A baby on the field

A delay in game due to a 1/2 the team potty break

Kids getting hit by the ball because they are looking at their parents who are yelling  at them to kick the ball

Grabbing the ball with hands

Cartwheels on the field mid-game


A temper tantrum off field (see above picture)

Food on the field

Even more tears

Not a single child listening to the coach

Posing for grandparent’s pictures instead of playing

A huge pile-up on the field

A goal is scored… or prevented… who knows….both teams claim victory

Too many kids on the field

Too few kids on the field

Our coach slapping his head in disbelief

The ball just sits there because no one is going after it

A kid lays down too tired to continue

Did I mention tears?

Our coach finally gives up

The game ends and each team jumps and cheers thinking that they have won!

That’s kindergarten soccer!  I love it!  I laugh and laugh.  The game ends and my son comes smiling and skipping to me.  He has had the time of his life and that is all that truly matters!

5 thoughts on “why I love kindergarten soccer: a list

  1. If you want even more “entertainment” try offering a quarter for each goal that he scores! Wow, talk about a whole new level of excitement! Well, at least, It worked for your brother!!

  2. Oh my goodness, so true! Our son played from first to third, then again from summer of fourth until 8th – it was definitely more entertaining the younger they were 🙂 I love the “ball gang-ups” the best!!! its like a kicking contest and the ball never moves! Enjoy!!!

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