10 reasons why I want to be a professional triathlete

I want to be a professional triathlete!  My reasons why are listed below.  If you happen to be a professional, please don’t disillusion me, just let me dream…

1.  I would get paid to work out all day.

2.  I could eat a lot of food and eat it often.


3.  Naps in the middle of the day are acceptable when you are a professional athlete.


4.  Post workout recoveries.  (hot tubs, ice baths, and massages!)

5.  Events are held at really cool locations.  (think Kona, Hawaii)


6.  I could wear sweats all day and, as my friend Mandy said, call them my work clothes.

7.  Gear can be written off as a business expense. (my new $12,000 Trek tri bike, yup business expense!)

8.  My own personal coach to plan my day and motivate me.


9.  I would have a six pack!


10.  I would have more than 5.3 people reading my blog because I would actually know what I was talking about on the subject.

Question:  What is your dream job and how do you imagine it?